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Welcome to our blog, where we'll be keeping you up to date with the latest on offer from Skinny Love, as well as wedding style bits and bobs that are making us go 'oooh!', 'ahhhh!', 'I die!'

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Why have a wedding when you can have a fiesta! 

Chock full of bright colours, fresh florals and authentic mexican elements like Papel Picado, we we're muy excited to finally bring our vision for Fiesta de Amor to life late last year.

In fact, we had so much fun between this shoot and three gorgeous weddings, that we're doing it again this October! 

Check out Fiesta de Amor in its full glory below through these never-seen-before images by Natalie Morgan Photography, who did her usual spectacular job behind the camera.

Be bold in love and save your spot at Fiesta de Amor 2017.

Photography: Natalie Morgan Photography | Styling: Skinny Love Weddings (that's us!) | Florals: Ruby & Blush Floral Couture | Bridal fashion: Amber Whitecliffe | Hair & Make Up: Fern Edmonds | Wedding stationery: Love Ideas Ink | Cake toppers & party favours: Wink | Wedding Cakes: Cake & Co | Prop Hire: When Squirrel Met Bear | Cutlery: The Little Hire Company | Floral Crowns: Miss Wildflower | Venue: Flat Bush Community Hall


fiesta wedding invite

Mexican wedding inspo

mexican pop-up wedding

Fiesta wedding cake

Pop up wedding fiesta nz

 Pop up wedding fiesta nzPop up wedding fiesta nz





karma-cola  Mexican wedding inspo

mexican fiesta bride  mexican flower crown nz

mexican bridal inspo

Mexican theme wedding

Skinny Love Weddings Fiesta


papel picado wedding nz

mexican style wedding cake cake & co





To be continued...

Learn more about our Fiesta de Amor inspired pop-up date here.

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Forever on the lookout for new and interesting venues, we found this wee gem in the heart of Kumeu, Auckland's very own wine country, this pop-up promises a wonderful garden setting (with solid wet weather option - forget the rain, we're taking you to Tuscany!). As you can see, there are also endless opportunities for amazing portraits.

Offering lush mediterranean inspired gardens and italian accents throughout, this venue is a perfect take on classic romance and just the right size for intimate weddings and elopements like we offer at Skinny Love. It's also only a 30 minute drive from both Auckland CBD and Takapuna, perfect for all you North and West based lovers!

Enough about how great this venue is, take a peek for yourself below and contact us to make a booking. As always, spaces are very limited so save your date ASAP!

Skinny Love Weddings Kumeu Pop-Up, Saturday, 10th March 2018. 


small wedding kumeu

Pop-up wedding couple Kumeuskinny love pop up wedding KumeuGetting married in Kumeusmall-kumeu-wedding

Floramay bridal bouquetAuckland pop up wedding bride

Cake & Co small wedding cake

Pop-up wedding couple Kumeu cake cut

Auckland pop up wedding couple

Kumeu wedding venue lake

Casa Bella Kumeu Lake

Casa Bella Kumeu venue

Rural wedding Kumeu

garden wedding venue Kumeu

skinny love wedding west auckland

Skinny love casa bella Kumeu

Kumeu wet weather option

Kumeu wedding venue italian

Pop up wedding auckland 2

Pop up wedding auckland

We worked with some awesome creatives on this shoot - here they are:

Photography: Nevee Woodward | @neevewoodward

Styling: Skinny Love Weddings | @skinnyloveweddings

Florals: Floramay Flowers | @floramayflowers

Kat wears: Dresses by Kilt Clothing (@kiltclothing), wedding rings by The Goldlane (@thegoldlane), tassel earrings by Ore Design (@ore.design), accessories from Collette Hayman

Matt wears: Model's own

Hair, makeup and nails: Pink Swear NZ | @katerinaone

Cake: Cake & Co | @cakeandco

Venue: Casabella, Kumeu


xx The Skinny Love gals!


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nz marriage licence application

Before you make it official, you'll need to decide what kind of marriage and wedding you want to have i.e. Civil Union or Marriage, personalised wedding ceremony v.s. registry office style.

Registry office weddings are great if you’re on a budget and just want to make your marriage offical more than anything else (a registry office ceremony will set you back a mere $174 including your marriage licence). The downside is that you can’t customise the ceremony or have personal vows.

The other, more popular option, is to get married by a registered wedding celebrant - whether it be a big affair, small intimate ceremony, or even an elopement. If choosing when or where you get married, having personal vows, or a certain number of guests is important to you, then a ceremony with a registered wedding celebrant is the way to go.

To become legally married in New Zealand you'll need these 6 essential elements:

  1. Marriage licence

  2. Two witnesses

  3. Be married in the presence of a registered celebrant, or at a registry office

  4. Be 18 years old or older (if you’re 16 or 17 you can still get married, but only with parental consent).

  5. Not already married/cupped to a person who is not the person you are applying to marry

  6. Don’t be trying to marry a close relative, sorry Cersei Lannister.

How to obtain your marriage licence.

You cannot become legally married without this important piece of paper. You’ll want to apply for your licence at least 3 working days before the date on which you want to get married. If you have a set date in mind we recommend applying a month in advance - for peace of mind more than anything (side note: you can apply for a marriage licence from anywhere between 3 months to 3 days before your wedding).

It’s a pretty simple process and a nice one to tick off the list. This page details all the necessary steps and forms required to obtain a licence.

If you're being married by a celebrant, you'll need the celebrant’s full name, the location and approximate date of your wedding when you apply for your licence - make sure you triple check all the spelling! If you’re having a Skinny Love Wedding, we will supply you with all of this information well in advance.

Once you have your licence you can proceed to the fun part and go ahead and tie the knot!

It’s important to note that a marriage licence is not the same as a marriage certificate although they are sometimes both referred to as a certificate. The licence comes before the marriage, and the certificate you can apply for after, if you’d like one.

xx The Skinny Love Gals

Getting married on a budget? We offer all inclusive affordable, stylish pop-up weddings at a fraction of the usual cost. Packages start from just $2899 - learn more.

Useful links:

Get a marriage licence.

Find a registry office in NZ


Our favourite NZ registered celebrants:

Teresa Callaghan - Auckland

Hayley Greer - Auckland

Laura Giddey - Auckland

Hannah Porter - Hamilton

Nicki Sunderland - Tauranga

Miranda Zander - Wellington

Sarah Gnad - Christchurch

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The Waikato is home to some really great wedding talent and we are beyond excited to be teaming up with some of them when we bring our pop-up weddings to Hamilton! If a stress-free wedding for under $3,000 sounds like you, our early-autumn pop-up might just be the perfect option! With its expansive gardens, oak tree grove, historic homestead and perfectly manicured lawns, Woodlands Estate is the ideal spot for an affordable yet breathtaking ceremony. And the potraits, oh my, the possibilities here are endless.

We're working with some of the best local wedding vendors the Waikato has to offer including Nita Meyer Photography who captured the vision for our effortless wedding style perfectly in this styled shoot featured on Paper & Lace.

Skinny Love Weddings Hamilton Pop-Up, Saturday, 8th April 2017.

Photography: Nita Meyer Photography

Venue: Woodlands Historic Homestead

Florals: Petite Posy Florist

Cakes: Sweet Avenue Cakes

Celebrant: Hannah Porter

As always, spaces are very limited so save your space ASAP! Click here to learn more or contact us to make your booking!

hamilton skinny love

Skinny love waikato

Nita Meyer Photography

sweet avenue cakes

waikato wedding

hamilton wedding venue

waikato wedding venue

petite posy florist

wedding photography nz

Woodlands estate

waikato wedding style

Woodlands historic homestead

glassons wedding

getting married hamilton

forest wedding nz

Woodlands historic homestead

wedding styled shoot


View more stunning images from this series over here. Seriously, this could be you!

xx The Skinny Love gals

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While the origin of the buttonhole/boutonniere is often disputed, we here at Skinny Love are suckers for that lil pop of floral (or not floral) pizzazz placed up top the lapel of a suit.

Buttonholes are a great, fairly inexpensive way to to bring a bit of traditional wedding class to your dude's outfit. It's also one aspect of a wedding that's fun and easy to diy if you feel like giving it a go yourself.  And because we love them so much, buttonholes are now included in the price of all Skinny Love packages so you get even more for less!

Here are a few of our faves from our own repertoire and around the web...

rustic style buttonhole pineapple-buttonhole

Rustic & Earthy vs Tropical Vibes


Have a little fun and add character with lego or figurines
vintage-buttonhole simple wedding buttonhole
Vintage to make you swoon or opt for something modern & simple

baby's breath buttonhole

Because baby's breath!


Billy Buttons, Succulants AND daisies, oh my!
Mix n match with bright blooms


Delicate and dreamlike for the ultimate wow factor


We love to opt for the best seasonal choices, like these cuties from Ruby & Blush

skinny love buttonhole

Traditional but without the rose, that's how we roll for a one of a kind style

XX the Skinny Love gals


*images via Pinterest, Natalie Morgan Photography & Robinson Creative

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The good news is that we're nearly through winter, the bad news is that our skin is feeling a little worse for wear. In a recent Facebook giveaway, we decided to ask you beautiful people for your advice when it comes to staying on-fleek during the colder months.

And here they are: Some of the top winter skincare tips, as suggested by you!


1. Face off!

I think we're all guilty of hitting they hay in our makeup from time to time but it really is important to let your skin breathe and get your beauty sleep with a clean face. Plus it saves getting mascara all over those lovely white pillowcases!

You say:

"Always remove make up EVERY NIGHT no matter what :)" - Sasha

"Removing make up every night and don't moisturise until the morning so my skin can breath" - Jacinda

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

This is skincare 101. In winter we often go from cold, wet, windy weather to toasty warm insides several times in a day and both environments are known to be drying on the skin.  Moisturise on the outside with your favourite creams and balms - having a bottle of hand lotion on your desk or in the bathroom is a great way to remember to keep your hands hydrated.  

You can also moisturise from the inside by eating them good oils - think avocado, nuts, seeds and coconut oil.

You say:

"Moisturising! Skin gets so dry so I have to moisturise most days" - Natalie

"Legs tend to get forgotten over the cold winter months due to the warmth of long pants and pantyhose. Once a fortnight I run a hot bath and pour a generous amount of baby oil in before immersing myself. Magical" - Tania

"Ive started taking flaxseed oil caps to help my skin from the inside out in winter" - Kelsey

"Always wear SPF, even in winter. Rosehip oil at night." - Nikita

3. Scrub-a-dub-dub

Nothing is more satisfying than a good exfoliation - remove dead cells, stimulate the skin and reveal a younger you in a flash!

You say:

"Gentle dry scrub every 2-3 days, healthy fats in diet and water!" - Rachel

"Exfoliate more often, and moisturise twice as much as in the summer" - Heather

"Dark Angels Scrub by Lush once a week as exfoliator. My skin looks amazing after it. Clears up everything" - Justin

4. We be drankin'... water!

There's certainly no shortgage of water this winter (seriously, we can't remember the last dry day...) so there's really no excuse not to down a couple of litres. We find carrying a water bottle makes us drink waaaaay more than just using a glass, plus it's easy to monitor how much we've had over the course of the day. (Side note, we love these reusable drinking bottles by Lotus available at Collected. Functional AND pretty!)

You say:

"Lots of water and moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated and not dry out" - Gabrielle

"Even though it's harder in winter, make sure you are drinking a good amount of water! I find herbal tea is a good way to get it into me!" - Rebekah

5. Open the pantry

Beauty on a budget? No problem! Chances are some of the best skincare products are already hiding in your cupboards.

"Manuka honey as a facemask is magic!" - Shanna

"I love a longer hot shower in winter, but can be drying on my sensitive skin so I use coconut oil as a pre-shower oil for skin, and in the lengths of my hair as a pre-shampoo treatment." - Christa

6. Treat yoself!

Short days and long nights make winter a great time to double down on some me-time. Our personal fav is to combat brittle nails with a gel manicure, just avoid all temptation to chip it off! Taking some time out for yourself is not only great for the body, but the mind and soul too.

You say:

"Weekly facials and moisturize every single day" - Lori

"Make the most of the warm bathroom after a shower and moisturise with a lovely tonic, oil or cream. Feels devine!" - Stephanie

Your turn

With less than a month of winter left to endure (for those of us from the southern hemisphere), what are you doing to keep your skin looking radiant all season long? Let us know in the comments!

xx The Skinny Love Gals


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In June we held our very first winter pop-up wedding day at the always beautiful Old St Michael's Chapel, inspired by woodland romance, laced with warm tones of plum and gold.

With it's dark wood interior and modern stained glass windows, Corban's Estate in Henderson was the perfect spot for this mid-year ceremony - would ya look at those autumn leaves, stunning!

So without further ado, we introduce the latest Skinny Love newlyweds, beautifully captured by Catherine of Robinson Creative.


auckland-winter-wedding auckland-winter-wedding-bride


west auckland wedding

wedding corbans estatewinter wedding flowers

winter wedding style  wedding cake auckland  nz winter wedding style

winter wedding flowers

skinny love wedding party

skinny love bridal party

ruby and blush wedding auckland wedding couple

skinny love wedding henderson

skinny love weddings couple

auckland wedding dress  skinny love weddings couple  auckland wedding dress

autumn wedding style

another happy skinny love weddings couple

Want to be the first to know when we release new dates? Sign up to our mailing list and get ready for the most affordable wedding of your dreams!


The Skinny Love Gals



Photographer Robinson Creative

Celebrant Teresa Callaghan

Bride's & Bridemaids' flowers Ruby & Blush Floral Couture

Venue Old St Michael's Chapel

Cake Cake & Co

Planning, Styling, Hosting Skinny Love Weddings

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Jilly and Gabi, resident Bachelorette Nation members do the hard work and pull out the 
moral of the story in this season of The Bachelorette!

Hometowns are always a big milestone in this show, and every season, watching suitors meet the family and be subjected to awkward chats with dads are worth their weight in television gold.

It seemed that all the remaining suitors passed their hometowns with flying colours… but then JoJo sprung that rose ceremony in the air hanger on us, making us wait another seven days before she sent someone home.

We were very upset, to say the least, and couldn’t bring ourselves to post without some sort of result. So here we are.





  Luke_GONE.jpg   Chase_GONE.jpg   Alex_GONE.jpg
     LUKE    CHASE    ALEX


  Jordan.jpg   Derek_GONE.jpg   Wells_GONE.jpg

After the shocking - we repeat, shocking - exit of both Luke and Chase on the last episode, we felt that the biggest lesson to be learned here is to not throw away great guys in exchange for ‘bad boys’  (um, not so much bad as slimy, In Our Humble Opinions).

And while Gabi officially has no horses left in the race (‘it was supposed to be Luke!’, she screams) Jilly still has a pony in the race – Jordan ‘I don’t know what next year looks like’ Rodgers.

Now we find ourselves in a situation where it looks like JoJo is to pick from two cads for her final rose, neither seeming terribly reliable or focused on the future.

Seriously guys, we’re worried JoJo will leave empty handed and disappointed next week.


However, there are two really valid points we feel need reflecting on, so here goes:

DO - Give yourself breathing room at the end of a relationship

While we may never know if there’s any truth to the rumours that Robby broke up with his last girlfriend to become a ‘bachelor’ or it ended just 3 months before filming started, it doesn’t change the fact that we don’t like Robby…

JoJo’s fears that Robby is not ready for long term commitment (marriage being the longest kind, duh!) after zero chill time are completely justified.

The lesson here, guys and gals: feel secure in future relationships by properly sending off the last. We’re not talking Viking funeral here, just you know, a bit of you time!


DON’T - Base your idea of relationships on others

If you’re the product of a divorce like Chase, that doesn’t or shouldn’t mean that you see love as a challenge or you are somehow ill-equipped to deal with, or express, your feelings.  

Pretty much all families are far from perfect, and that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing the kind of relationship your heart most desires – remember, anything less than extraordinary is a waste of your time!


Oh Godddddd, next week is the finale. We don’t know if we can take it. Best case scenario: JoJo dumps both Robby and Jordan beside a beautiful Thai waterfall, helicopters to Texas and begs for Luke’s forgiveness… they get married and have beautiful bow-legged children together. The end.

Or is it? Tune in next week for more emotional turmoil!

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engagement shoot nikki south

If you follow us over on Facebook you’ll know we recently gave a lucky couple an engagement shoot with one of our star photographers. That lucky couple was Nikita & Michael who had their photoshoot with the very talented Nikki South at the stunning McLaren Falls in Tauranga (aren’t we lucky to live in such a wonderful country!)

Entries poured in from all over, and we wish we could pick them all but ultimately there could only be one winner. Here's their love story.

How did you and Michael meet?

We actually met at school. I moved to Bethlehem College in year 11 which is where Michael was attending, and yeah that’s how things all started.

We understand you two are quite recently engaged - how did the proposal go down?

Michael did an incredible proposal. He picked me up at the mount in the boat, and we drove over to Matakana Island. We went for a walk and he had set up a wonderful picnic on the beach facing the Mount, and he had spelled out M + N in shells. It was amazing.

Have you made any wedding plans yet?

Yes, everything is coming together. We have been very lucky and things have just been falling into place. We have a date set in January.

"I think we’ll be the kind of old couple who..."

Like to pretend we're still 20

What do you love most about Tauranga?

It's such a beautiful place with so many fun things to do like walks, and waterfalls.

Enjoy these sneak peeks!

Engagement shoot tauranga

Engagement shoot mclaren falls

engagement shoot nz

tauranga wedding photographer nikki south

Like what you see? Skinny Love Weddings are holding a pop-up wedding day in February next year with Nikki South on camera.  Check it out and save your spot here.

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Jilly and Gabi, resident Bachelorette Nation members do the hard work and pull out the
moral of the story in this weeks' episode of The Bachelorette

Well, we're another week down and getting closer to hometowns! 


  Luke.jpg   Chase.jpg   Alex_GONE.jpg
     LUKE    CHASE    ALEX


  Jordan.jpg   Derek_GONE.jpg   Wells_GONE.jpg
Fresh off the episode in which we see both Alex and sweet but oblivious James Taylor (Sweet Baby James…anyone? No?) leave, we can’t help but think ‘I was a fool to care’ should be playing on high rotation on James’ Spotify. Sorry James, buh bye!
Gabi can’t say she a) didn’t see it coming or b) cares enough to care that Alex is outta the race. Luke and Chase are still strong contenders, while Jilly thinks the wheels might come off for Jordan next week during hometowns.
We delighted in the thought of Chad watching Alex's departure at home while eating a complex-carb rich baked kumara:
So, what did we learn this week? 


On one hand, we understand that it's a show and ratings are top priority (heck that’s half of why we love it), it was obvious to all that JoJo and Alex were never gonna be the next Bey and Jay! JoJo should have cut Alex loose last week and saved herself that awkward moment when he mispronounced Gaucho and creepily whispered 'I’m your Goocho', not to mention the added cringes at having to send Alex home after he professed his love.
Feelings are a two way street; if you’re not feelin' it but its clear the other person does or is heading there, then we suggest using the Band Aid break up technique. And while most of us know what it’s like to have the relationship carrot dangled in front of us, we can’t bend others to our will a la the Argentinian Gaucho. 
And in doing so, be prepared to say sayonara mu-goocho!


Of course, we all know compromise is a big part of lasting relationships, and for the most part it's small inconsequential issues. It does pay to be flexible with long term goals though, especially when it comes to wanting to live happily ever after, pincer to pincer with your lobster.
We thought Luke's attitude of where he saw himself (potentially with JoJo) in the future was refreshing. A lot of the time when people live a certain way they aren't always up for a change. We could tell JoJo was super impressed too; perhaps it's a case of having her cowboy and being able to eat him too... wait, we meant you can take the boy out of the country and he'll look really good doing it!  Luke is a serious contender, and regardless of his supposed bow legged-ness we're picking final two for sure. 

As always, we highly recommend the full run down on Vulture to see you through to next week - we'll see you then!
Jilly + Gabi xx
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There are so many bridal-worthy shades in this world - from blush pinks & nudes to sage greens, greys, powder blues and everything in between. To say we’re completely obsessed with non-traditional wedding style is an understatement.  While the classic bride in white is lovely on so many levels, different is cool too.

Here are out top picks for a non-white wedding dress with style.  And the good news is that all of our picks are totally accessible and suit a range of budgets. Let’s check them out shall we!

Blushing brides

Sally Eagle Bridal

Sally Eagle Amelia Dress

Natalie Chan

Natalie Chan Sylvie Tulle Skirt

Glassons Maxi Skirt

Glassons Wrap Front Maxi Skirt in Posy

Miss Crabb

Miss Crabb Imagine Peace Pants Candy

Neutral territory

ASOS Bridal

Chi Chi London Embroidered Lace Tulle Dress

Needle and thread bridal

Needle & Thread Embellished Tulle Gown

Boohoo brides

Boohoo Boutique

ASOS Bridal dress

Needle & Thread Coppelia Embellished Ballet Tulle 

Something blue

Ingrid Starnes bridal

Ingrid Starnes Bridal

Glamour Boutique nz

Francis Gown - Glamour Boutique

Alannah Hill Bride

Alannah Hill A Lifelong Romance Dress

Moochi Bridal

Moochi Iris Dress

Slayin' in sage

ASOS Bridal

ASOS Maya Maxi Tulle Dress

Miss Crabb Bridal

Chillin' in Miss Crabb World Record Dress

Next UK Dress

Next UK Silver Sequin Dress

Kate Sylvester dress

Kate Sylvester Esther V Neck Dress

There's plenty more where these beauties came from - check out our favourite wedding dress styles on our Pinterest profile.


The Skinny Love gals

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Jilly and Gabi, resident Bachelorette Nation members do the hard work and pull out the moral
of the story in this weeks' episode of The Bachelorette

Here's where we stand after Week five of JoJo's ultimate quest for a love like no other:



  Luke.jpg   Chase.jpg   Alex.jpg
     LUKE    CHASE    ALEX


  Jordan.jpg   Derek_GONE.jpg   Wells_GONE.jpg

What a week. Jilly's down to one pony after the SHOCK exits of both Derek (who turned out to be a bit of a whiny guy)
and Wells (friendzoned in the most awkward way possible). 


Let's not dawdle - onto our relationship DO and DON'T from this weeks' ep of The Bachelorette:



Wells just may have been the only guy in the mansion this year who was just kinda sensible, chill and non-flashy - definitely not your standard suitor. And although we think the remaining guys got into his head a bit with the whole 'Wells is the only guy who hasn't kissed JoJo yet, what a wuss' storyline, JoJo was right to send him home: because Wells didn't feel like the right fit to her.

We totally get that it's hard to tell what 'right' really is when a) you're under a huge amount of pressure, b) you've only been on dates with a dozen other dudes in attendance and c) producers are looking for next weeks' rating spike, but still. JoJo feels 'right' enough about all the other suitors to have pashed them all during previous encounters, which is as good a sign as any.

The friendzone is tough, but too bad. Wells was more of a friend or (god forbid) brother type figure to JoJo, so he had to go if she was going to be true to herself on this journey to find her unicorn.

Best of luck Wells, may you find the kind of comfortable, plodding love that you're looking for.



Could we please just stop with the snitching this season, guys. It just looks so BAD and PETTY. First we had a whole lot of snitching on Chad - who, let's face it, was going to self-destruct sooner or later - followed by Derek snitching/whining about the other guys becoming bullies once Chad had exited after the weirdest two-on-one date ever.

Then there was James Taylor. Sweet, sweet James Taylor, for once without his guitar in hand, who went running to JoJo about Jordan playing poker to different rules than he was used to. REALLY, James, REALLY?

We like you so much, you're so nice, you're so country. Why ruin all that good work with complaining that Jordan isn't here for the right reasons, based entirely on an interaction in a card game. It just makes it look like you can't handle your own issues, and turns JoJo into some bizarre authority figure, part guidance counsellor and part mother. STOP IT. NOW.

At the end of the day, snitches get stitches. Sometimes, those stitches are due to an unrelated football incident weeks prior, but they're stitches nontheless. We reckon James Taylor will exit in two weeks' time.


Is Jordan actually a douchebag? Will Alex finally stop talking AT JoJo and start conversating WITH her? Will Evan return in some bizarre plot twist? Who knows! Join us again next week and see for yourself!

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Being the advocates of small weddings that we are, there is nothing we love more than a modern-day elopement (especially when we get to play witness!). Having an intimate ceremony in a setting that has special meaning for you both is not only super romantic, it’s often very kind on the ol' bank account, and keeps your special day focused on the two people who matter most - you and your fiancé.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider a run away elopement for your special day.


1. You don’t have to wait

Congratulations on your engagement! Now do you really want to spend the next year of your life planning a wedding or are you ready to dive right on into marriage? If you’ve been putting off marriage because it feels like having a wedding just costs too darn much, or will take up time you don’t have, then an elopement could be just the ticket.

2. Eloping saves you money

With traditional weddings running into the tens of thousands, cost is a huge pro when it comes to eloping. And don’t think this means that you have to miss out on a day with style and substance. With elopement packages like ours, you can still enjoy all the fun parts of a wedding without the not so fun price tag.

With all that money you’ve just saved you can have the honeymoon of your dreams, save for a deposit on a home, or kick off married life without worrying about the finances.


3. Skinny Love says relax

How far in advance should I send invites? Do I need to invite my colleagues? What colour napkins should I pick? These are all things you will never have to think about if you elope! Even better, let someone else take care of everything and just turn up. #winning

4. Destination elopement

Why not make yours a destination elopement? When it’s just the two of you, or a small party of besties, you can literally get married just about anywhere - follow your heart and get married somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.  Or for something closer to home, New Zealand has some fantastic elopement spots - try a remote island, your favourite public park, a turret…


elopement package

Skinny Love Elopement, Auckland Domain, 2015

Island elopement nz

Skinny Love Elopement, Rangitoto Island, 2015

aucklane elopement

Skinny Love Elopement, Turret at Pah Homestead, 2016


5. It’s your day, do it your way!

If an elopement is one thing, it’s definitely personal. You’re getting married because you’ve chosen to spend your life with a special someone, not because you want to have a wedding. While eloping is not always an easy decision, it is still your choice to make and you shouldn’t apologise for it. Plus, revealing secrets is always fun - just make sure you get great photos, or even consider recording the event for sharing later.

Bonus: It’s fun!

Switch the nerves for pure excitement and adrenaline. The only thing you need to focus on is yourself and your beloved so you can do whatever you like, wear whatever you like, and have the whole cake all to yourselves! That alone may be reason enough :P

romantic elopement nz

Skinny Love elopement, Auckland, 2015 - as featured on simplyelope.com

Of course, eloping isn’t for everyone.  Traditional weddings are a lot of fun too but it sure is nice to have options. Whatever your reason may be - our number one piece of advice is to get married your way!

Skinny Love Weddings specialise in elopements, small bespoke weddings and wedding pop-ups. If you’re considering an elopement, drop us a line and see just how affordable and stress-free a wedding can be.

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Welcome to the very first Bachelorette DO and DON'T rundown as brought to you by Skinny Love's own in-house cynic and romantic, Jilly and Gabi!

Gabi is a die-hard, card-carrying Bachelor Nation member who last year managed to hook Jilly into the tangled web of love, lust and lies that is The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchises.

If you’re looking for a recap of the most recent episode of the Bachelorette, we recommend heading over to Vulture to check out their witty and incisive commentary. For us, we’re more interested in the types of relationships fostered in the highly-produced pressure cooker that is The Bachelorette (or, in alternate seasons, The Bachelor). The end-goal for the starring cast member is a lifetime of love and happiness after the final credits roll,  and it does work out for some of our Bachelors and Bachelorettes – look at Trista and Ryan, going strong after 13 years, or even recent Bachelor in Paradise newlyweds Jade and Tanner.

So something must be going right… right? Gabi and Jilly have put on their relationship forensics high vis gears to bring to you, dear readers, a brief do and don’t per episode through the lens of the Bachelorette. We’re a little late, but true love has no deadline as far as we can tell. Enjoy!

Before we got this very important sociology study underway, it was very important that we pick our fave suitors this season - because it’s always a little more dramatic if you become emotionally involved. Here goes!




He was an easy strategic pick, I’ll admit. Mostly I chose him because
he’s the obvious all-American dream boat, so he’ll probably go far



Can’t lie, I picked him because he looks like John Krasinski,
who is 100% a great guy from what the internet tells me.
Fingers crossed Derek is cut from the same cloth.



He’s adorable. I want to put him in my pocket and carry
him home. 




I'm a sucker for a Texan and more importantly a cowboy,
Luke is my number one horse in the race. Add to that his
veterans smolder and ability to strum a guitar and it's all over. 



My all American choice, Chase is a balance of rugged and
cute and seems pretty level headed. No smarmy vibe to date
which counts for a lot in my book.



To be honest this pick feels a little like the last choice for
a school sports game and if Jordan or Derek were available
it would feel more like draft day for the MLB. And while he
could fit in my pocket, I won't be taking him home... Sorry Alex! 

So let’s get cracking into this weeks’ DO and DON’T


DO – Jump of a cliff

While JoJo literally jumped off a real one with uber coiffed Robby into the somewhat murky Uruguayan sea (foreshadowing maybe? One can only hope…), for us it works better as a metaphor, because let’s face it - chances are that unless you’re being chased by pirates, most of us are not going to be throwing ourselves over cliffs any time soon.  

The lesson… Sometimes in love you have to take a risk and jump over the edge, even if you don’t know where or how you may land - hopefully it’s into the arms of your lobster!

Is it scary? Sure. Could it be the most rewarding thing you do in a lifetime? Abso-freakin-lutely

So jump, say yes, let go! We could go on, but instead we’ll leave you with an inspirational quote from someone we’ve always admired: Cher Horowitz. Carpe Diem okay?


DON’T – Bring exes into it.

Half of this episode was about exes, and nothing good can ever come of that. Turns out JoJo has been talking to one of Jordan’s past belles (through a mutual friend? Unsolicited Twitter DM? We’ll probably never know), and she didn’t have entirely good things to say about him.

This seems ill advised, for several reasons – firstly, talking about exes just creates insecurities, rather than extinguishing them. Secondly, they’re an ex for a reason, so they might have an agenda of their own at play – is it really wise to gather intel from a potentially disgruntled ex? We didn’t think so.

Instead, JoJo, focus on your own instincts, girl! We reckon she already has a fair idea that Jordan could be a bit of a scoundrel, but we’ll see how that plays out in later episodes. And if you don’t trust your instincts, that’s what besties are for. Ask what they think.

Then there was the gossip rag scandal back at the hotel suite, with the main antagonist being JoJo’spre-Bachelor ex. This guy sounds like a real jerk, and we totally admire how JoJo’snot interested in being dragged down by games – even when he’s doing some outright damage to her reputation. She got angry, called him names, then moved her focus back to having the vacay of a lifetime in Uruguay with a bunch of totally cut dudes. Atta girl, JoJo!


Tune in next week for more wise advice via Chris Harrison’s latest pack of BFFs!

Love, Jilly and Gabi, mutual JoJo fans

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Engagement shoot

We’re celebrating a certain milestone this month...  You may not have noticed, but you probably contributed - 1,000 likes for our Facebook page, yay! In fact, we’re so thrilled, we thought ya’ll deserved a little somethin’ somethin’ so we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite photographers from around New Zealand to give one lucky couple an engagement or family shoot!

The winner will receive a  one hour shoot with one of the talented photographers listed below, as well as 10 fully edited images delivered in a digital format.

It’s super simple to enter - just head over here and fill in an entry form by 30th June. Terms and Conditions apply.

Meet the photographers!

Auckland - Jodie C. Photography

Jodie joined the wider Skinny Love team earlier this year and we’re so glad she did because oh boy does she take some sweet shots. Jodie will be shooting our 26 November 2016 pop-up wedding date at the timeless Old St Michael's Church in Henderson.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Jodie C Photography
Captured by Jodie C Photography at a recent Skinny Love Weddings bespoke pop-up wedding at Bell House, Howick Historical Village.

Hamilton - Nita Meyer Photography

Nita will be photog-extraordinaire for our pop-up wedding days in Hamilton. Here are some sweet samples for you all to enjoy!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Nita Meyer Photography 

Tauranga - Nikki South Photography

Nikki is one of the best photographers the Bay of Plenty has to offer and we can’t wait to see her in action at our first Tauranga pop-up wedding day on 18th February 2017.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Wellington - My Heart Follows

Ivy is a woman of many talents (check out her sweet calligraphy skills!) and is responsible for these stunning images, shot on location at our Wellington venue.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Heart Follows Photography

Christchurch - Rose Kingi, Fly on the Wall Photo

And last but, not least, meet Rose! Our Christchurch based-photographer has a real knack for capturing natural beauty. She's also really great with kids and has a super cute few ducklings of her own. Rose will be shooting up a storm at our Christchurch pop-up wedding day happening later this year in November - check it out here

Facebook | Instagram

Rose Kingi Christchurch PhotographerFly on the wall photos



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As y'all have probably seen by now, we are ALL CAPS KINDA EXCITED to be bringing Skinny Love to Tauranga. And we have to tell you, it seemed to be written in the stars, because all of the local talent that we have lined up to make this happen are just so amazing.

We're very lucky to have Nicki Sunderland on board as our celebrant for Tauranga. Nicki has been a celebrant for 18 months; and while she's based in Tauranga, you'll find her all over the place officiating weddings... all over the Bay of Plenty from Whangamata to Rotorua, as well as Auckland and Hamilton.

We asked her some tough (okay, not tough at all really) questions to help you get to know her better. Here goes!



What's your fave thing about the Bay of Plenty?

The ocean - it's everywhere!  And there is no place better to get married than on the sand of a Bay of Plenty beach - Waihi beach is a fave, as is the foot of the Mount.


Why did you become a celebrant?

I had always dreamed of marrying people - I just love weddings.  Its so wonderful to be involved in such an integral way in a couple's dream day - to be able to provide a service that means so much.  I became a celebrant because I knew I could offer a unique service - marriage in NZ looks so different than what it did previously and I am proud to be part of that change.   I also wanted to offer a service to couples with kids, like I was when I got married.  We struggled  to find a celebrant who reflected and celebrated who we were as a family, and this inspired me to become one.  


What's your favourite part of a wedding?

Seeing the bride arrive all breathless and dreamy and take her first look down the aisle.  It's a wonderful moment.  I also enjoy the sheer joy on friend's and families faces when the ceremony comes to a close and the couple are introduced as Mr and Mrs or Mrs and Mrs etc - it's electric!


Your top tip for nearly weds?

Relax and don't rush!  Just take a deep breath - on the day there is nothing more to be done than just to say 'I do' - it's really important to be in the moment and take it all in as it happens, instead of worrying about the catering or the guest list etc.


What's your fave current wedding trend?

Barefoot beach weddings - I love it when the guests all kick off their shoes too.  It's also cute when jandals are provided for guests to wear at the party - kick off your heels!  


What's more important: the vows or the kiss?

The vows.  Always moving, always powerful.  Such an intimate moment captured.


What's your fave cake flavour?

Raspberry and white chocolate


If you fancy the idea of a Tauranga wedding that is fun, stylish and intimate without costing a mint, check out more about Skinny Love's 2017 jaunt to Tauranga here, and more about Nicki on her Facebook page!


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Skinny Love headed to East Auckland back in February for a pop-up wedding day at the fabulous Bell House in Howick Historical Village. The sun was shining (always a great start to a wedding day!) and we had two couples join us for pop-up weddings that were a whole lot of fun.

And talk about photogenic - two gorgeous loved up couples against the backdrop of the village made for picture perfect portraits thanks to Kerry Kissane Photography

We hope to hold another pop-up day at Bell House in 2017, so if you want to be in first, contact us today!

Check out our February lovers below!





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We've been wanting to bring Skinny Love to Wellington for a long time, and it took a good two years to find just the right venue for our couples - and here it is, a stunning private estate in Lowry Bay.

Exclusively available to Skinny Love for weddings, we wanted to really showcase this special place for all our loved up couples in the capital, so here it is.

We're working with some amazing vendors in Wellington (really, we're so lucky to know so many talented people in this industry!, including Ivy from My Heart Follows Photography, and the team at Confetti Love Boutique. They worked really hard to bring our vision to life, resulting in these stunning pics of gorgeous couple Benji and Romaine.

Both My Heart Follows and Confetti Love Boutique will be joining us for our Wellington Skinny Love wedding day on Saturday 3 December, along with some other amazing local folks:

Photography: My Heart Follows
Styling and florals: Confetti Love Boutique
Cakes: Sweet Bakery and Cakery
Celebrant: Miranda Grange

As always, spaces are very limited, so nab your space ASAP! 

Our first ever Wellington pop-up wedding day in Lowry Bay on Saturday 3 December 2016 is SOLD OUT. Bookings open now for 11 March 2017. Click here to see more details about this special event, or contact us for more info!





Skinny-love-wedding-wellington Skinny-love-wedding-wellington

Bohemian-290.JPG buttonhole-wellington wellington-bride.JPG
wellington-wedding-couple fun-wellington-wedding
Quirky-044.JPG rock-n-roll-bride Quirky-034.JPG

Want a wedding as beautiful as this for just $2899? Thought so! Contact us today!

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One of our FAVE festivals has to be Dia De Los Muertos - the Mexican festival of the dead. Stay with us while we explain - it's not all gothic and black, in fact it's the opposite! Day of the Dead is saturated in colour and Mexican style and it's a real celebration of love and family, because in Mexican culture, when they say 'til death do us part', they really mean it.

So it goes without saying that we've been DYING (pun intended) to throw a Mexican style inspired Skinny Love - and now it's happening, in October 2016! Our Fiesta De Amor (festival of lurve) will be as full of colour as a true Mexican Day of the Dead, and around the same time of year, but it will have a really fun spin on it so your nuptials will feel like a real party.

We've put together some of our fave Dia De Los Muertos inspired images from all around the internet for you to enjoy! If you think a super colourful, Mexican inspired wedding sounds like your kind of thing, get in touch today, because we reckon this one is going to sell out.

Skinny Love's Fiesta de Amor at Flat Bush, Saturday 29 October 2016 - click here to see more!


Skinny Love's Fiesta de Amor at Flat Bush, Saturday 29 October 2016 - click here to see more!

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What an absolute stunner of an event we had at Flat Bush this January! It was a sell out day, and we're so pleased to have five more happy Skinny Love wedded couples as a result. We love the country charm that our Flat Bush venue offers - even though it's only 10 minutes drive from Botany and Manukau City!

It was hot, hot, hot that day but all our guests throughout the day were ready to bring seriously good vibes to the weddings. Such lovely guests and beautiful couples, we couldn't have asked for a better day - our team had a great time, even though we were working super hard all day in the heat. 

The team at Ruby and Blush worked with our team to put together a romantic backdrop of ribbons and flowers. It was light and summery and moved in the (much needed!) breeze that came through the hall. Teresa kept our nervous grooms at ease while they awaited their brides, then delivered each couple a romantic wedding ceremony, and the rest of our team kept busy putting together yummy platters, filling glasses of bubbly and keeping our weddings ticking along nicely.

Here's a few of our fave pics from the day, courtesy of Skinny Love fave Natalie Morgan Photography... including a sneaky peek of our own Vivre, who was having a birthday the following day - the perfect excuse for a surprise cake!

We have two new dates at Flat Bush available now - a Mexican inspired Fiesta de Amor and a classic Skinny Love date in January 2017. Check them out now!

Jennifer__Jonas_73.jpg Rachel__Alex_223.jpg
Rachel__Alex_3.jpg SLExtra-28.jpg
Jennifer__Jonas_137.jpg SLExtra-16.jpg
SLExtra-27.jpg SLExtra-6.jpg
SLExtra-1.jpg Jennifer__Jonas_77.jpg


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With Skinny Love coming to more places than ever in 2016, we're meeting all kinds of amazing people, and Hamilton is no exception! Hannah Porter is known to Waikato couples as the face of Alare Weddings, and she knows all the best wedding people in the bizzo down there. But that wasn't enough, oh no - Hannah is now a registered wedding celebrant too!

We're really excited to have Hannah join our extended Hamilton family, and she'll be at our Hamilton pop-up date at Woodlands Estate on 27 August. We thought y'all might want to get to know Hannah a bit better, so we asked her all the most important questions there are to ask a celebrant.

Here goes!


Why did you become a celebrant?

I love love.  I've always wanted to be involved in weddings and started as a wedding planner in 2012.  I've got a theatre and communications background so the celebrant gig lent itself nicely to my strong points.  Plus I've been to a fair few weddings now and I love when the celebrant makes the ceremony really personal and so that's something I want to ensure I do, to make the wedding day really special.


What's your favourite part of a wedding?

When the couple see each other for the first time.  It's usually a highly emotional moment and I love seeing that!


What's something you wish you knew before you got married?

Everyone says marriage doesn't change anything, it's just a piece of paper, but I disagree.  I love the confidence and encouragement being married gives me.  Knowing I've got someone in my corner for life.  There's just this quiet feeling in the background once you've signed the paperwork that's pretty damn awesome.  That, and it feels really good to make your wedding day just the way you want it ... even if some people don't agree with your decisions, it's worth it to be true to yourselves!


Your top tip for nearly weds?

There is no right or wrong way to get married, it's about being true to yourselves and making it special to the two of you.  You'll get plenty of advice so get really good at smiling, nodding and doing whatever the hell you want!


What do you see as the biggest wedding trend in 2016?

I think food and drink is going to be a bit different this year - think food trucks, cocktail bars, and dessert buffets.  Hanging floral centrepieces are huge, and I think smaller, more intimate weddings are on the rise.


What's more important: the vows or the kiss?

The vows.  The kiss is the fun part, but the vows are your promises for the future and are what you want to base your marriage on ... so I think it's important to make sure they're things you truly believe in.


What's your fave cake flavour?

All of them?  I love cake!  Probably banana cake is my ultimate, or a light madiera cake.  Nom!


Photo by clever babe Nita Meyer Photography!

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One of the most exciting things for us as we take Skinny Love to new places is that we get to meet all kinds of awesome new people - including very talented local wedding vendors!

So we'd like to introduce you to Nita Meyer, our photographer in Hamilton. Nita dropped us a line aaaaaaages ago saying she'd like to get involved with Skinny Love if we ever came down to the Waikato - we took one look at her work and knew we had to make it happen.

Here's some samples for you all to enjoy! Come at us, Hamilton couples - we want to see you in front of Nita's lens this August!

Nita Meyer will be photographing couples at Skinny Love's very first Hamilton date on 27 August 2016 at Woodlands Homestead in Gordonton. More info here!


IMG_0127_copy.jpg   IMG_8579.jpg
IMG_7682-2.jpg   IMG_7257.jpg
IMG_9935.jpg   IMG_8632.jpg
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We love that bridal parties come in all sizes, but they have something in common – they consist of people who are very important to the couple getting hitched. Here’s three of our favourite bridal parties in 2015.

BP1.jpg   BP2.jpg   BP3.jpg

Monique kept it simple with a bridal party of one – her bestie, who also happened to be her sister!
These two were so excited and were super supportive of each other, it was very sweet.


Shawna and Monet went all out with a bridal party of six bridesmaids, one ‘bromaid’ and a page boy who was possibly the sweetest thing we’d ever seen. Mix that with two brides and you have a really fun group who were a real pleasure to meet!


Dan and Rachel recruited their absolute nearest and dearest to be their wedding party. The groomsmen did a great job of keeping us all laughing, and the bridesmaids just had a blast with Rachel, making them the perfect support unit. This bunch were in the best of spirits, and it really made the occasion something special.

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Weddings are all about family. We were lucky enough to see the creation of dozens of new families in 2015, but these three were some of our faves

Family_1.jpg   Family_2.jpg   Family_3.jpg

Tasha and Scott had been together forever and engaged nearly as long!
Their three beautiful kids took part in their ceremony, making it something really special. The kids were so happy to see their parents making it official, and we were pretty happy about it ourselves!


Sarah and Tonga had very recently welcomed a new addition to their family – a daughter – when they got married with Skinny Love. Natalie Morgan captured some touching family portraits to mark such a momentous occasion. Congratulations to this lovely wee whanau!


Julie and Arthur got hitched with Skinny Love in April, blending their families together. It was such a pleasure to see their kids be openly happy and supportive of their union. They took their respective partners by the hand and joined Julie and Arthur for their first dance, a special moment for all.

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The modern bride comes in all kinds of colours, and we LOVE IT. Here are our fave Skinny Love brides who did it their way in 2015 and did away with the white dress.


Colour_Dress_1.jpg   Colour_Dress_2.jpg   Colour_Dress_3.jpg

Nicky wore a stunning emerald satin
gown that was VA VA VOOM. When she
got out of the bridal car, we saw her red locks and green gown and all sighed ‘she looks like Ariel!’. Nothing but wins here.


Karli looked effortlessly lovely in her
gown that was a simple cut of tulle
with the barest embellishments.
It was a lovely taupe colour that almost
looked lavender in the photos.
A great example of a bride wearing the dress, not the dress wearing the bride!


Gennelle eloped with her man Herb
to Rangitoto Island, wearing an
amazing dress that was inspired by
the blues of Auckland’s harbour and
the greens of Rangitoto itself.
It moved beautifully in the breeze on
the ferry, and was truly something special.


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Here comes the bride, all dressed in white!

We love seeing how your bridal gown can be so much more than just a white dress – it can really showcase your style and personality. Here’s three Skinny Love brides from 2015 wore white with a twist.

WhiteDress1.jpg   WhiteDress2.jpg   WhiteDress3.jpg
Chloe went for a classic big white gown in stunning floaty fabric. There was no doubting it was an occasion when that dress came into the church! To give her look a bit of edge, Chloe wore white lace gloves to complete the look.   Jemimah was the essence of a young, fun, modern bride. She wore white, but opted for a short form-fitting dress with a gorgeous sheer overlay and a bit of sparkle. She looked like she was ready to dance and have a great time, which we reckon is a great start to any marriage!   Sarah was a picture of modern elegance and effortlessness. This dress moved beautifully, and it’s cut looked amazing from all angles. Sarah whipped up this edgy black and white belt on the Bernina the morning of her wedding, the perfect accessory to go with those fabulous strappy heels!

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We're so excited to have our photographs back from November Skinny Love at our Henderson venue. It was a typical Auckland day in spring - a bit rainy followed by periods of intense sunshine, but the rain didn't stop our couples from having the best day of their lives.

Catherine from Robinson Creative has posted her 5 reasons she loves photographing Skinny Love weddings on her blog, and here's what she had to say:

1. Every couple makes it their wedding day their own. They may have 1.5 hours to get hitched, eat cake and have photos but each couple has their own style, follows the traditions they want to and stamps their mark on their day.

2. Its short and sweet but no less meaningful!! The guests that the couples invite are their closest family and friends. For me this means every candid shot of guests I take is someone who is super important to them!

3. The Skinny Love team go out of their way to make the couples day magic. Everything is thought of and looked after, nothing is too much trouble and couples get the most amazing service. From my perspective that makes for relaxed couples in love, the perfect combination for photos.

4. The venues are awesome, with loads of photo opportunities

5. I am a bit of a wedding addict and doing a Skinny Love wedding day means I get to photograph multiple weddings = win!!

This is pretty much what WE love about what we do too, so thanks Catherine, we're so pleased you enjoyed your first ever Skinny Love day with us!

Here's a few pictures of our couples from that day - as you can see, they weren't concerned about the weather!

















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Ladies, set your alarms for next March if you're after the perfect wedding dress that won't cost you a bomb - because ASOS are releasing a special capsule collection for brides the world over, and that includes us here in New Zealand.

The collection will come in a range of silhouettes, from casual skater style cuts to high necked, long sleeve styles for traditional brides. Prices will start from an amazing $140! There'll also be a range of matching shoes and accessories so you'll be able to complete your look in one place.

At Skinny Love, we definitely see a whole variety of brides walking down our aisle, and plenty of them wear off the rack dresses that are stunning. Here's your chance to get a wedding dress from ASOS as easily as clicking a button. Plus, with their fuss-free returns system, if you get the dress and it isn't 'the one', send it back for a refund.

Win, win!

1447899482494.jpg 1447900318778.jpg


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How fabulous - our team had a real treat this weekend: a full day floral workshop put on for us by Nadine from No More Toast. In another life Nadine was a wedding florist, so she spent the day teaching us all the basics of putting together beautiful wedding florals, and she plied us with delicious, wholesome food too.

We're so looking forward to putting our newfound skills into practice at the upcoming pop-up wedding day in Henderson, the first in our biggest season yet!

Here's a couple of pictures of our creations, thank you again Nadine for such a great day out!







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This lovely couple approached us a few months back, wanting to get hitched after many years together. In a totally, totally, romantic way they wanted to keep the affair very low-key and hush-hush - but still beautiful, of course!

Skinny Love helped this couple put together a truly lovely garden wedding in central Auckland. Just a handful of guests, the couple, our awesome celebrant Teresa and photographer Natalie Morgan joined us for the occasion.

It wouldn't be quite so secret if we showed you this couple's entire wedding album, but here's a few sweet pics to show just how sweet the day was. We were so pleased the weather played along too.

Our couple were very pleased with their wedding and shared a few kind words with our team. We really do get the best couples at Skinny Love Weddings :)

Picture1.jpg SarahStuart_LowRes_159.jpg SarahStuart_LowRes_13.jpg
SarahStuart_LowRes_7.jpg SarahStuart_LowRes_3.jpg SarahStuart_LowRes_297.jpg


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Leena and Jacob eloped with Skinny Love in August, at Maison du Bois, a beautiful B&B hidden away in Meadowbank. The whole event was put together in about two weeks (what a whirlwind!), which really made their nuptials have that runaway feeling that makes an elopement so special.

They had Captured by Keryn on board to take their photos, and we wanted to share a few of the details of the day with you here.

Again, Ruby & Blush knocked it out of the park with a bright and modern bouquet that was full of texture, our bride just loved it! We had celebrant Hayley Greer on board for the day, and she did an amazing job, creating a truly personal and romantic ceremony for Leena and Jacob - which is very impressive considering the short notice!

Ali's Makeup Station did hair and makeup on site, and we got the cutest, teeny tiny cake from Petal in Newmarket. The lovely Sheridan at Maison du Bois hosted the wedding party and provided bubbly and asian inspired canapes for the mini reception. 

What do you think of the floral chandelier? Our very own Gigi put it together, with her fave proteas in the mix. We were so proud of it and it photographed beautifully.

We love elopements, so if you're in Auckland or just visiting, we can make it happen for you too!

JacobLeena-18.jpg   JacobLeena-310.jpg   JacobLeena-401.jpg
JacobLeena-466.jpg   JacobLeena-499.jpg   JacobLeena-534.jpg
JacobLeena-502.jpg   JacobLeena-533.jpg   JacobLeena-597.jpg



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If you're even remotely interested in wedding style and trends, you're probably already looking at Paper & Lace every day. Jax does an amazing job of collecting all of the internet's best and newest DIY wedding ideas in one place. She's also an avid supporter of local wedding vendors, so we were excited when she announced she was creating Little White Book, a directory of local talent.

Then we got even more excited when we were shoulder-tapped to join Little White Book. Thanks so much to all our fans on Facebook who nominated us as a vendor that should be showcased on this lovely new website.

You've probably guessed by now that Skinny Love is now on Little White Book. Go and check out our listing today! And if you think we're awesome, leave a review :)


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Our Flat Bush event is going off this season! Saturday 23 January is now SOLD OUT, but never fear - we've released five more slots on Sunday 24 January. Get in while the going is good and get in touch to claim your spot!

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Today Jilly had a chat on Radio New Zealand's afternoon show about the wedding biz, what she loves about helping couples in love get hitched, and some favourite memories of past Skinny Love weddings.

This included a memory of lil' Jayden here, who was properly excited for his parents to make it official... but was 100% NOT into them having a kiss to seal the deal. We're telling ya, this kid has amazing comic timing!

You can listen to Jilly over at Radio NZ's website, and also enjoy Haere Mai, the song she walked down the aisle to!



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Tim and Ashley's beautiful elopement in Auckland Domain is being featured today over on www.simplyelope.com, which is pretty exciting!

We thought we'd share these kind words Tim and Ashley had to say about their Skinny Love Wedding - it really was our pleasure.



Skinny Love,

How can we and I ever thank you enough for creating, perfecting, and celebrating with us on our special day?
From our first communication with each other I was confident that you had my vision and were going to make our elopement special. Planning an international elopement is a nerve racking task but planning an international elopement with Skinny Love was the best thing that we ever did. You were able to relieve us of the stress that many couples eloping face. From the assistance with applying for our marriage license to finding the perfect location you guided us. 

You provided us with an amazing photographer and officiant who took the time to get to know us and our wants on our special day. We were involved with the process and able to customize our day to fit our needs. We can confidently say that we would not change anything about our wedding day. With the help of Skinny Love we truly believe that our
wedding day was perfect! Thanks again Skinny Love!


Tim & Ashley



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Wedding favours are a regular feature on the wedding checklist these days, especially if you're having a sit-down reception for all your guests. There's lots of ideas for wedding favours out there, that in our experience usually involve something for your sweet tooth.

Well, if you reckon your guests already have just about everything and they don't really need another choccy, then maybe you should consider a UNICEF wedding favour!

UNICEF have had 'survival gifts' on their website for yonks, which you can buy and give to the wedding couple (again, it's perfect for the couple that already has everything, AND it's such good karma). But now bundling them as wedding favours is a really cool spin on the idea.

You pick the favour you want to give, then UNICEF provide beautiful cards for you to give to your guests that explain how they're helping you give to a child in need. Meanwhile, your favours are winging their way to those kids, all over the world. The current collection of cards have been designed by UNICEF ambassador Amber Peebles, and they're really sweet!

Favours on offer include polio vaccines, safe drinking water tablets, mosquito nets and school supplies. You can buy them in packs of 10 and they cost as little as $2.70 a favour - which can fit into anyone's budget, right??

UNICEF offer a wedding registry service too, find out more about that and their wedding favours over on the UNICEF website.

It's such an easy way to do good for someone who really is in need, and just think of the smiles at your reception when your guests read about their special wedding favour! And we'll mention it one more time... it's just good karma. 



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Feeling like it's all getting a bit out of control? Yeah, planning a wedding can be that way! We saw this and thought it said exactly what you need to hear when the wedding planning is getting too much!



So many of our couples enjoy this most about their Skinny Love wedding - how easygoing and stress-free it is! We do pretty much everything, all you have to do is the fun stuff like picking your music and cake flavour. We even help you write your vows!

We're members of some Facebook groups where nearlyweds go and ask each other for advice, and so many of the posts are about how stressed out the couple are feeling, or how they feel under pressure to make their big day fit some kind of cookie cutter shape that worked for someone else. Guess what - it doesn't! Your day is about you and your beloved, do it the way you want.

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Way back in February we held our very first Skinny Love elopement, for a special couple visiting us here in New Zealand from the US. Tim and Ashley decided to make their trip of a lifetime something truly amazing by getting hitched while they were here.

Because Tim and Ashley are super low key and aren't into the spotlight, a romantic and intimate elopement for two suited them perfectly. They tied the knot in Auckland Domain in the summer twilight and then had a portrait session with Natalie Morgan Photography, followed by a very sweet picnic for two.

Their photos have come back and we're just swooning over this pair. See for yourself the magic that Natalie Morgan Photography captured in this beautiful collage she put together for us. 

Ashley and Tim are back in the US now and have held a lovely reception with all their friends and family to celebrate their nuptials. We love this arrangement - their ceremony was what they really wanted, but they still got to celebrate the occasion with their loved ones, after an amazing trip to the other side of the world. Sounds to us like Tim and Ashley got to have their cake and eat it too!

If you'd like to find out more about an elopement with Skinny Love Weddings, contact us today!



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It's an exciting day for all our winning couples, as their wedding portraits are in the post!

We're pretty excited to have our paws on the huge number of images Natalie Morgan Photography took that weekend - it'll take us another weekend just to look at them all! We'll be adding a selection of our faves across the website, so get ready to see an updated Skinny Love Weddings in the next few months.

Here's a couple of lovely montages Natalie put together for us - of our 10 couples, and their 10 cakes.





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We are so happy to have another 10 happy couples who have gotten married the Skinny Love way, with thanks to The Hits.

It took a lot of work, but holy moly, it was fun too! It was amazing to meet these couples and see how different they all were. It really is one of our favourite things about this work, seeing just how unique and special every love story is. We'll never get sick of it!

Congratulations again to our happy couples, we wish you all a lifetime of love, laughter and good times. 
























It takes a lot of help to make an event of this size run without a hitch, so we'd like to give our thanks one more time to these people who helped make it happen:

  • Teresa Callaghan, for being an amazing celebrant who is also an inspiration to us.
  • Natalie Morgan Photography for these amazing images. Your work is always stunning.
  • Caitlyn's Cupcakes, for 10 delicious and amazing looking cakes, you're the absolute best.
  • DIY Wedding Shop for supplying the giant balloons for our amazing and whimsical backdrop.
  • Ruby & Blush Floral Couture for the beautiful blooms.
  • Polly Gillespie and the team at The Hits - you were so much fun to work with, we hope you had a great time too!
  • Our friends and family who stepped in and helped where we needed it. You're all so generous with your love and support, we love you.

The peeps at The Hits also put together a super awesome video of the highlights of the event, have a look for yourself and see what a ball we all had over that weekend! http://www.thehits.co.nz/polly-grant/polly-spent-valentines-weekend-at-10-weddings-in-2-days/

It's back to business as usual for us now, we have weddings in both March and April, plus we're working on releasing dates outside of Auckland because hey, the world doesn't revolve around Auckland, does it now?


Jilly + Gabi x

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We love, love, LOVE hearing from our couples after they've been hitched for a while - and we recieved the loveliest note yesterday from Kate and Herman, a couple from Skinny Love January 2014. 

These two are such wonderful partners to each other, we only saw them for 90 minutes a year ago but they were so kind and giving and fun with each other, and it was a true privelige to be able to help them have the day they wanted. 

Anyway, enough from us (we're tearing up again!), here's what Kate and Herman had to say:


Kate_Herman_Anniversary.jpg   Hi Ladies!! 

I married this lovely guy one year ago with help from your amazing service, I want to thank you again!
I never wanted a traditional wedding, I hated the idea of invites, a DJ and chair covers. The tacky bridesmaids dresses and the long emotional speeches. The thought of the cheesiness and same ol' tradition made me shiver (still does!!). I came to terms with it and had decided I would elope overseas or not get married at all. But one day I somehow stumbled across Skinny Love Weddings, you had less than 100 followers on your FB page but I took the chance. Once I opened your website, that was it! I booked almost immediately. We told only 10 people we were getting married and had an amazing amazing time in the day. Once we were wed we changed our statuses on FB and announced our big surprise. I look back and I am so proud of our decision and Skinny love Weddings gave us our special day. 
We are celebrated our one year anniversary having a luscious spa weekend at the Langham. We are happier than ever and loving married life. 

Thank you forever 
Kate and Herman x



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Getting hitched in autumn is the new thing, folks! And you're in luck - we have two Skinny Love days happening in the slightly cooler months! Both will be at our fab Flat Bush venue, so you should get in touch with us ASAP to book your space.

But back to our lesson in how autumn is great for getting married. Here's why:



1. Easy RSVPs

We all know that summer is the most popular season for weddings. But it's also the most popular months for all things social - Christmas and New Year, vacations, public holidays, and so on. Move your nuptials back a few months and the chances are that all your most beloved people that you want at the wedding will be able to make it!


2. Sleeves, anyone?

If your bridal style is dresses with sleeves, sexy suits or even the traditional meringue, autumn is the season that will suit you. It's also a great opportunity to wear something other than white - think of the darker colours you could wear!


 Images via Modcloth

3. Stay made up

It's true - your makeup will stay put in the cooler weather. Which is of the utmost importance because you want to be perfection in your photos. It's also a great season to wear a truly bold lip, or maybe even a smoky eye. Your hair will be less likely to frizz too - bonus!


Images via Pinterest

4. The best blooms

Some of our favourite flowers are in season in autumn - dahlias, baby's breath, proteas, celosia. Have a beautiful bouquet that's different from the usual fare you see in the peak summer season!


Images via Pinterest

5. Beautiful backdrops

There's so much variety in autumn landscapes - golden foliage, green fields, bright blue skies. Even if the weather doesn't work out for you on the day, a stormy grey sky looks super dramatic in wedding photos, and it makes any surrounding greenery look lush and more... well, green!

Here's a couple of pics from an autumn Skinny Love by Natalie Morgan. Beautiful!


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That's right - two weeks into summer and we're already getting on with our winter 2015 season!

We'll be kicking the cooler months off with a Skinny Love day at our Henderson venue on Saturday 25 July. Our photographer will be Natalie Morgan because we LOVE collaborating with her, we get amazing photos when Nat is on board.

Winter weddings are definitely in vogue, we've been seeing lots of inspiring ideas and images on the net - and we've even got an Autumn + Winter Love Pinterest board that you can take a look at today!

In Auckland we may not get much snow, but we can still throw a beautiful event for you that's super cool.
(that was so cheesy, but we mean it!)

xx J+G

Here's a beautiful image by Natalie Morgan Photography from our winter inspired photo shoot earlier this year. 


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You wouldn't believe it, but with the help of The Hits and the Polly and Grant show, we're giving away TEN Skinny Love weddings to take place over Valentines weekend 2015!

It's easy enough to get involved too - head over to The Hits' website and register your details; you never know - we might just see you and your boo on February 14!

Skinny Love Weddings: super stylish pop-up weddings where you don't have to worry about a thing!



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It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since we had our very first Skinny Love wedding - but it is! This past weekend, our first couple, Danni and Jonny, celebrated their first anniversary.

We decided to celebrate by putting together a little clip of their wedding event, it was such a fun day! Congrats again to the lovely couple, and here's to many more happy years together!


xx J+G


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So... a wedding themed entirely around The Little Mermaid. Too much, or too much fun?

We reckon it's all in good fun, and there's definitely a few touches we're into big time - including the underwater themed desserts, and the papercraft jellyfish. The bridesmaids look super cute and cool, and comfy to boot. Oh, and their hair is amaze.

OK, so it turns out there's plenty we like about this wedding. But then, we've always been on Team Ariel.

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It's peony season! We totally swoon for these beauties, so it's exciting to have them back on the market.

Here's some pics of the lovely 'Hawaiian coral' peonies our friends at Ruby & Blush Floral have on offer at the moment.
They're definitely not cheap, but they're also definitely the best, loveliest, and possibly most elegant bloom there is. 

Yeah, we're really into them. That is all.


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Smith and Caughey's have been stocking Miss Selfridge for a while now, and every season without fail we're seeing some really lovely dresses that can easily double as wedding dresses. Best of all, they're off-the-rack (so easy!) and they're at pricepoints that won't break the bank (yuss!).

Seen as we're coming into summer too, there's lots of white on offer, as well as pretty soft colours that will look awesome with a tan. Get in quick if you want your pick of the sizes on offer!

Here's our picks of the season, we love 'em all.

xx J+G



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Welcome to our new website, y'all! It should now be heaps easier for you to have a look around and see what Skinny Love Weddings is all about.

As you can see, right this very moment, the new website comes with a spangly blog too, where we'll be able to share new Skinny Love stuff, the wedding style and trends we're loving.

This is a pretty exciting time for us, we have a few really cool and exciting projects coming up, and new dates will be dropping real soon. So be sure to keep checking back with our blog and follow us on Facebook too, so you don't miss a beat!

We're also totally obsessed with Instagram, so you should go follow us there too :P

xx J+G

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