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As simple as the Skinny Love formula is, we know you'll have some questions. Here's the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If your question isn't answered here, you can contact us with your query. 

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We know, it seems to good to be true. But really, it is 100% true, and kind of clever. We pay for the full-day services of wedding professionals like the celebrant, photographer, florist etc and the venue, but you're only charged for a portion of their time - 90 minutes of their time, in fact. 

You probably wouldn't be able to book a venue/celebrant/photographer etc for 90 minutes to do it yourself, but Skinny Love can marry up to five couples in a day - and when we share the cost of professional services between multiple couples, it's a hell of a lot more affordable all up.

We get great prices from our excellent vendors when we buy in bulk (for things like bouquets, cakes, bubbly etc.), which also saves you money.

If you're still not sure that it could really be this good, check out what our couples say, and have a look at our gallery.


How often does Skinny Love happen?

Skinny Love is held most months, with the possibility of additional dates depending on demand and season. Skinny Love spots are in demand, so book sooner rather than later!


where are skinny love weddings held?

We are based in Auckland and currently have three regular Auckland venues for our weddings, located in Henderson, Flat Bush, and Howick. 

From time to time you'll find us making the trip to bring Skinny Love to Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch too!  if you want to see Skinny Love in your town, get in touch and let us know - if there's enough demand, we can make the trip!

We try our very best to find beautiful wedding spaces that are also interesting. If you want to know more about our venue options, take a peek at the 'Dates and Venues' page.



We take a lot of pride in styling Skinny Love. You can be assured that a Skinny Love wedding is super cute and romantic, and held in a great event space. Want to have a look at previous Skinny Love weddings? You can start with our gallery and also check the pictures out at our Facebook page.


i don't have TWENTY guests - will i get a discount?

The price of a Skinny Love wedding includes up to twenty people, but we won't discount the rate if you invite fewer people. 


i have more than TWENTY guests. what happens then?

You can add additional guests for $39 per person. This covers the cost of extra bubbles and cake. A maximum of 30 guests applies.


i don't have any guests - is that okay?

Weddings where just the couple are present are so intensely romantic and intimate, we LOVE them! Skinny Love staff are happy to step in as witnesses to your nuptials if you should choose to have no other guests present at your wedding. There will still be lots of hurrahs, bubbly and cake at the reception!


oops, i don't have a valid marriage certificate.

Oy vey! If you don't have a valid marriage certificate on the day, we can't perform a legally recognised wedding. You don't need a marriage certificate for committment ceremonies or vow renewals though.


can i come from overseas for a skinny love wedding?

We love an elopement, and overseas couples are welcome at Skinny Love. While our celebrant is happy to perform marriage ceremonies for overseas couples, be aware that your union might not be recognised legally in your home country without some form of confirmation.


do i get to choose the processional song?

Yes! You can absolutely choose your processional song. If we don't have it in our music library, you'll need to provide us with an mp3 or similar digital file of your chosen song.


can we have personalised vows?

Definitely. We will ask that you have your vows to us within two weeks of your wedding though, so no writing them last minute! We will forward your chosen vows to our celebrant so they have a copy on the day... in case you forget yours!


can we have readings etc. at our ceremony?

Yes. You can customise your ceremony as you wish, but remember that we're working to a schedule - we expect ceremonies to take 15-20 minutes at Skinny Love, and if your ceremony takes longer than that, we'll have to cut down your reception and/or portrait session time.


what can i expect from the mini-reception?

You'll have 30-40 minutes for your mini-reception, where you'll cut the cake, toast to the happy couple and drink bubbles. If you want to have a first dance at your reception, let us know in advance so we can have your music ready to go.


i want to bring my own photographer. is that okay?

If you choose to bring your own photographer, that's fine - but please let us know in advance. We do not give discounts on the price of Skinny Love in these cases, and you'll still receive photos from our photographer.



There's a bunch of talented wedding photographers out there, and Skinny Love work with a very select few that we consider the best. Check out who's taking pics on which day over on the 'Dates and Venues' page.


how many photos will i get?

Our photographer will take pictures of your ceremony and reception, then whisk you away for a private wedding portrait session that will last 30-40 minutes. You can expect to get between 25 and 40 quality images from your wedding.


how long will it take to get my photos back?

It takes time to proof and edit your photos. Our photographer will aim to get your photos to you within six weeks of your event.


can my guests join the private portrait session?

Our photographer will take photos of you and your guests during the ceremony and reception. At the end of your reception, we'll whisk just the two of you away for portraits, then shortly after we'll bring the rest of your wedding party to join in the fun.


i want to have a skinny love wedding, but is 90 minutes long enough to get it all done?

It really is! But it depends on the couple - if you want to have an extended ceremony with many readings and vows, or want a whole afternoon with a photographer, we can look into booking an extended session for you. You'll need to contact us to check out your options.