The Best of Skinny Love 2016/17 - WEDDING PARTIES!

We see so many different combos when it comes to wedding parties, and it's always so dang lovely to see a couple rock up to the venue with their squad at their side, at the ready to help them get hitched with minimum nerves and maximum support. Siblings, cousins, friends, besties - there might be two of 'em or ten of 'em, we love it all!

Here's a couple of our fave wedding parties from this past season!


Tash and Dylan

This super cute duo made it official at our Wellington pop-up date in December, and we simply loved their style! Opting to pair a deep blue with a red that had orange undertones, this was a really modern take on the classic black and red wedding palette. We loved how the print of the flower girl's dress was fun combo of both colours, and as for the sleek, modern cut of the bridesmaid's dresses, well... we couldn't get enough. Tash's mum kept with the theme in a stunning red sari too!

Photographed by My Heart Follows

Photographed by My Heart Follows

Susan and Steve

Beautiful in blush, this team looked totally put together at our first pop-up day in Tauranga this past February. The tone and sparkle of the bridesmaids dresses really popped against the lush green of Tui Ridge, and complemented the gents' cream waistcoats effortlessly. Another great example of how you can find truly fab wedding party outfits off the rack these days, we loved this look SO MUCH.

Photographed by  Nikki South

Photographed by Nikki South

Sara and Kepa

This lot kept it cool and casual at our April pop-up day in West Auckland. The dudes looked sharp but comfortable in kicks and white shirts paired with a simple daffodil buttonhole; the ladies were all class in deep violet dresses in numerous flattering cuts - the perfect shade to complement Sara's white bridal gown.

Photographed by  Blackroom Photography

Photographed by Blackroom Photography

Perla and Brian

Last but definitely not least, Brian and Perla's wedding party. This couple came all the way from LAS VEGAS, the capital of runaway weddings, to get married with us here in Auckland. Their nearest and dearest came along for the ride, and if you ask us, travelling to the other side of the world is an effort only the truest bestie would commit to. They were such a fun and happy bunch, it was a pleasure to help them celebrate such a happy occasion.

Photographed by  Stories by Bianca

Photographed by Stories by Bianca

We're always chuffed to see the huge capacity for love wedding parties bring to our events, it really has such a positive impact for the couple on their special day.

We tend to go on a bit about how Skinny Love couples are the most gracious, down to earth types (no bridezillas for us!), but it's still humbling to see grateful brides and grooms offering heartfelt thanks and hugs to their wedding party for all the effort that goes in behind the scenes.

Big or small, your wedding party should consist of the people who will be the best support for you on the day - no one knows better than you who fits the bill. Most importantly, have fun with it like all these couples did!

Jilly Taipua