Going platinum... celebrating 100 weddings!!!

Last month an amazing and wonderful thing happened, we married our 100th couple.

Amazing, because back in our first year we married a grand total of 6 couples - hat tip to those early pioneers of the pop-up wedding, you paved the way for so many (SO MANY!) more couples.

And wonderful because that means we've been a part of over 100 couples' special day, day one of marriage, that day they chose to legally (and lovingly), form the ultimate union. To all of you, thank you for choosing us to be there with you. 

We also couldn't have done it without the help of some of New Zealand's most talented in the wedding industry - or as we call them, Friends of Skinny.

So, to mark the occasion, we thought we'd share with you some defining moments from the past 4 seasons, and a behind the scenes look at the day we celebrated out 100th wedding. 

Our 100th Wedding

Let's kick it off with our 100th wedding, Kirstie & Liam! Our favourite moment had to be when Liam unwittingly joked about how we must've attached buttonholes to suits "a hundred times". Why yes, yes we have.

Image courtesy of Sarah Weber Photography | Florals by Floramay | Venue Old Flat Bush School

Image courtesy of Sarah Weber Photography | Florals by Floramay | Venue Old Flat Bush School

Behind the scenes...

As mentioned above, we get to work alongside some pretty awesome wedding creatives. But there's one very special lady who's been with us right from wedding number one, and even officiated at some of our own weddings... Teresa Callaghan, celebrant extraordinaire, fellow Gorman girl, fetcher of coffees, always making us laugh, and of course amazing at connecting with couples, and delivering beautiful ceremonies. We're so lucky to have you by our side T! You'll spy her in a lot of the memories below too <3

Other collaborators on this day include the most amazing Natalie from Floramay, nailing the bridal bouquets every time, Tasmyn and the Baker & Co team for all the yummy, beautifully decorated cakes - we even shouted one for ourselves on this occasion. And to our team of family and friends who help ensure everything runs smoothly on the day, ya'll rock so much!!!

We wouldn't be able to share any of it with out photographer Sarah Weber,  or "intrepid" as we like to call her because this girl will seriously do anything for a great shot. It's like hanging out with your best friend, who also happens to be an awesome photographer. Thank you Sarah!

So here we are, doing what we do best and thoroughly enjoying it, at the Old Flat Bush School.

A look back at some of our favourite moments to date

We wouldn't be here without the support and trust of our couples so it seems only right to take a look back at some of the moments that got us to 100. This post would be a novel if we shared them all but here are some of our highlights from the last four seasons and we look forward to more!

The wedding that started it all.

We owe these two so much for letting us put together their wedding, it was so exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. Standing at the back of the room watching them get hitched knowing we made it happen was mind blowing.

10 couples, 10 cakes, 2 days

We wouldn't be able to marry people if they didn't know we existed. On Valentine's Day weekend 2015 we teamed up with Polly Gillespie and The Hits to marry TEN couples, and that is how a lot of future couples came to know us. We had so much fun that weekend, the sun shined the whole time and it was just perfect, basically! 

Natalie Morgan Photography has been another great support capturing many a Skinny Love Wedding over the years!

Our first ever SOLD OUT pop-up wedding day

It may not have been the first time we married five couples in a day (see above!) but it was our first date that sold out! This was such a fun, fun day and it really set the tone for all the January pop-up dates at Flat Bush since. We're mixing it up next season by kicking things off at this cute venue.

With over 40 weddings this season and multiple sold out days, the best way to get first dibs on any dates is by joining out mailing list. No spam, just actual news and important updates in the world of Skinny.

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with us! If you're thinking of a Skinny Love wedding of your own please take a look around and check out our dates for next season, it's already set to be epic!


Jilly, Gabi & Vivre (aka the Skinny Love gals!)

Jilly Taipua