Skinny Love is Love

Happy Pride week! Skinny Love is, and always has been, for everyone and we are beyond proud to have helped so many couples celebrate their love and commitment through marriage. No matter who you love, and who loves you, always be proud of what's in your heart.

On that note, here's a tribute to some of our own rainbow weddings - and let us celebrate all love, not just today, but for all the time to come.


The Skinny Love Gals

P.S If you're heading along to the Pride Parade in Auckland today, be sure to keep an eye out for the Glitter Squad Celebrants' float.  Our friends Laura Giddey and Stories by Bianca will be there marrying a lucky couple live in the parade!

All weddings featured are Skinny Love Weddings. Photography courtesy of MHF, Natalie Morgan, Nita Meyer & Meeko & Redge.
Jilly Taipua