Old school summer romance

For the third year running, we kicked off the new year of weddings at Old Flat Bush School Hall. It's become a mid-season tradition of sorts, and this date is one the whole team looks forward to every time. 

This year was no exception! Once again, we had amazing weather (hot and sunny!), amazing couples (cool and funny!), and everything just clicked into place. The result, four more happy couples, and another awesome day for our team - made all the more exciting by celebrating our 100th wedding!!!

Thanks so much to our amazing squad on the day, you know we love yas! Our couples do too :)

Celebrant: Teresa Callaghan
Photographer: Sarah Weber
Florals: Floramay
Cakes: Baker and Co
Venue: Old Flat Bush School Hall
Styling and Planning: Skinny Love Weddings

Here's a couple of highlights!


A love story that was decades in the making - these two have known each other since childhood so getting hitched in this former schoolhouse was extra special! We loved Rosalie's choice of Kate Sylvester lace dress for her wedding too.


Lovebirds from across the ditch! A super intimate wedding with only a handful of their besties present, we loved how laid back this bunch were.


How put together do these two look! You wouldn't know it to look at this loved-up pair, but they put it all together in a month. We were beyond impressed!


Our final couple of the day, Kirstie and Liam - who also happened to be Skinny Love's 100th couple! And what a celebration it was. With such a great group of friends and family, Kirstie and Liam's marriage was off to a great start. 

Fancy your own school house romance? Join us on 13th October at this very venue - limited spaces available!

xx Gabi, Jilly & Vivre, aka the Skinny Love gals.

Jilly Taipua