Corban Estate Weddings - Summer Season 2018

We don't know why, but some how we managed to miss all the storms and cyclones that came barreling through last summer, we must be #blessed or something...

24 February 2018 was one one such day, where the clouds parted just in time, and the sun shone down on five more amazing couples. 

Old St Michael's Chapel at Corban Estate in Henderson is hands down one of our favourite pop-up wedding venues - the Chapel is breathtakingly cute, and the grounds offer up so many amazing photo opportunities, from lush trees, green meadows and character buildings balanced out by some more modern industrial elements left over from it's past life as a winery.

Take a peek below into this wonderful day, and if you like what you see, book your own spot for next summer and leave the rest to us!

Photographer: Jodie C Photography
Celebrant: Laura Giddey
Florals: Floramay
Cakes: Cake & co
Venue: Old St Michael's Chapel
Styling and Planning: Skinny Love Weddings

Kimi & Paul

Two emails and these guys were all booked in - it doesn't really get any easier than that! Not particularly concerned with material goals, these newlyweds instead (wisely) prefer to focus their energy on deepening and enriching their relationship. We love that!

Cheree & Shane

When it's real, it sure is real! These two have been inseparable since their very first date and we were super stoked to be there as they made it official.


Jasmine & Dave

One of our all time favourite moments was when Jasmine emailed to ask if it would ok if they brought one of Dave's trucks along for photos - um... YES! These were hands down the most epic wedding cars we've ever had, it'll be a hard one to top, maybe they should start a hire business..


Sasha & Lee

It's pretty common to feel nervous before your ceremony... not Sasha though, Sasha was radiating pure excitement and it was such a joy - even stealing premature kisses during the ceremony.

In an interview with Stuff, Sasha shared their reasons for having a pop-up style wedding -

"We already have two kids. We would rather put our money towards houses than a wedding. We love each other. We don't need to spend all that money to tell each other that." 

- so true!


Kate & Shaun

Shaun was Kate's official high school crush... although it wasn't until much later, after a chance encounter, that they reconnected. It was obviously always meant to be! Check out the boys and their matching floral ties/bow ties - we're big fans of this style.

In other exciting news, since getting married, Kate has gone on to launch her own holistic care range - Lunar. We love seeing what cool things our couples get up to post pop-up wedding!


Come get married with us! Choose from either 24 November 2018 or 16 February 2019 at this very venue - limited spaces available!

xx Gabi, Jilly & Vivre, aka the Skinny Love gals.

Jilly Taipua