Picking Your Pop-Up

So you're pretty sure that a Skinny Love pop-up wedding is the way you want to make it official (of course it is, our weddings are amazing!). The next thing you need to understand is what spaces are available on your preferred pop-up day, and which of those spaces you want to make yours.

Depending on the venue and time of year, we'll have up to five spaces available for one of our pop-up days - 10am, 12 midday, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. Because our season mostly runs during the warmer months, we can fit this many spaces into the long daylight hours.
There's a handful of venues and dates where we'll run four spaces, and on these days we'll usually hold our weddings at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm - not a big difference at all.
Each of the spaces has it's own pros and highlights, and different times will work best for different couples. Even after more than 80 (yes, eighty!) weddings we still can't decide which slot of the day is our favourite. So below we've collected a couple of things we think you should consider for each of the slots we offer, which might make the decision a bit easier. Here we go!


When we first started Skinny Love, the 10am slot was often left languishing as the only open spot available to couples who booked later in the year. But some clever folks have cottoned onto what a beaut of a spot this one can be.

  • In the height of summer, it's early enough and cool enough to be truly comfortable. This is especially worth considering if you're wearing a big (and often heavy) traditional dress.

  • Keep it in mind if you'll have a number of elderly relatives as guests too.

  • The sun may be getting high in the sky, but the light won't be super glare-y yet. Ideal for sneaking in some wedding photos outside of the shade.

  • This is a popular space for couples who want to transform their pop-up wedding into an elopement (it's so easy, just don't invite any guests!). After the ceremony, you can chill out with a celebratory glass of bubbly then spend lots of time on photos, making the most of the lovely light. Our eloping couples will then run away for a romantic lunch for two.

This is a great spot to pick if you're following up your Skinny Love wedding with something like a lunch or BBQ at home, especially in the summer months.



This is still quite early in the day for traditional weddings, but another popular one with couples who want to make the most of the long days that make daylight savings great.

  • Even though most of our venues are under cover rather than outdoors, in the height of the season it's HOT at this time of day. We'll do our best to keep the air flowing in the venue, but if nature refuses to lend us a breeze, things can get a bit... sweaty. Most people are having too good a time to notice, but it's worth mentioning.

  • Portraits will mostly take place in shaded areas to ensure you're not sweltering in the sun, or squinting in your photos - it's not a good look. The good news is, photos in the shade don't have to look like you're 'hiding'. We have hundreds and thousands of beautiful images to prove it!

  • For our Spring dates, the light often seems less harsh at this time of day, which is great for portraits in the outdoors.

  • Another great slot if you want to follow up your Skinny Love wedding with a casual lunch, or even an afternoon tea.



Now we're heading into the 'traditional' times of day to get married. You can finish up your Skinny Love wedding and have a wee break before continuing on with your celebrations, it's all good.

  • Again, photos may need to be taken in the shade on particularly hot and sunny days.
    In summer, expect it to be hot as well! The heat of the day will be at it's peak right about now, and will stay this way for a good couple hours yet.

  • We find that getting married at this time is much the same as at midday. Conditions won't really change at all for another couple of hours.

  • Our weddings which start at 2-3pm will finish up at 3:30/4:30pm. They're popular if you're heading into an early evening event, or if you need a bit of time to prep for a big bash later in the night.

  • A few of our couples have departed Skinny Love to check into a fabulous hotel for their wedding night. Perfect!



Far and away the most popular slot of our pop-up days, and we're not surprised at all.

  • Kick-off this late in the day means you have plenty of time for preparations ahead of the ceremony - ladies, you know what we mean: hair, nails, makeup and all that good stuff.

  • In spring, it's starting to cool off around now, but it's not chilly - yet.
    In summer, it might not be cooling off yet, but the sun won't seem as powerful.

  • For photography (especially in summer) we'll probably still be looking for shady spots to ensure no one is squinting in the portraits. The good news is, the sun is lower in the sky, so there's more shade on offer.

  • This time is perfectly situated to seamlessly continue your celebrations at a second location. Whether it's a traditional reception at a local hall, an early dinner at your favourite restaurant or a BBQ at home with all your pals, the timing doesn't get better.

  • Because it's the most popular, this space sells FAST. If you're interested in this space, make sure you're on our mailing list so you'll have access to previews of any new season dates before they're released to the public.



Our team always feel like this space is really special - partly because we're at the end of our day, and we're all loved-up on the romantic vibes from the couples we've seen earlier in the day. But there's so much more to it than that!

  • Photographers LOVE the light during 'Golden Hour', and it's not hard to see why. Our final spot of the day often captures some golden hour goodness, see for yourself below.

  • We'll get you back in the open, away from the shade for photographs - which means even more variety and choice of photo backdrops.

  • In summer, the heat is going out of the sun and things are cooling down at this time of day - finally!

  • In spring, it's still light out, but temperatures are lovely and low.\

  • Unsurprisingly, this is also a popular spot for couples who are going on to have a reception dinner or soiree at home!

Jilly Taipua